Christians believe that God is involved with all parts of life. Some people find faith and church relatively easy. Some find these things more difficult.

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These pages offer various ways to explore faith, life and prayer. Some suggestions are for special times in life, such as marriage or birth. Other suggestions are more general, and offer ways of discovering the Bible, or Jesus and the church, or taking some steps in learning to pray. Remember that local clergy (Vicars) or Christian friends will always be willing to talk through matters to do with faith and spirituality. Some churches offer courses to explore Christianity. Most offer opportunities to pray. All should offer a welcome and hospitality to anyone who visits.

  • Christian Faith. Ways to explore Jesus and faith, the Church of England, and the Bible.
  • Life Events. Advice and support for baptisms, weddings, funerals and times of crisis.
  • Prayer. Talking to and listening to God.
  • Church. How to visit or make contact with a church.

Note Some of these “faith” areas suggest web sites that are independent of this website. We encourage visitors to use these sites, but are not responsible for their content.


Daily Prayer

The Church of England, along with other churches in England and around the world, has a pattern of daily morning, evening and night prayer. Each day, and each time of day, uses different readings from the Bible, and different prayers.

These links provide the full words for morning, evening and night prayer for today and tomorrow.




Diocesan Prayer Calendar

Churches across the diocese regularly pray for churches, people and committees in the diocese, as well as churches and people around the world.

Click here.

Click here for prayer for local schools.

Click here to download a prayer card for vocations and people preparing to be ordained.


Anglican Cycle of Prayer

The Anglican Cycle of Prayer comes from the Anglican Communion Office. It offers a way of regularly praying for the various Anglican dioceses around the world, as well as a daily Bible reading and Psalm.

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