How to visit or make contact with a church.

Churches are places of spirituality, community, growth and service. All churches offer a welcome whether you are a regular churchgoer, or are visiting for the first time.

For support, information, details about wedding or baptisms, spiritual advice, an exploration of Christian faith and opportunities to serve your community, contact your local church.

To find details of Church of England churches near you, go to A Church Near You (external link). Simply type in your postcode to discover the parish you live in and your nearest Anglican Church.


What is the Church of England?

There is no precise answer to the question “what is the Church of England?” For background information see the Church of England’s ‘History’ section. For an outline of what is means to be an Anglican, go to the Church of England’s ‘Faith’ section. As the linked page explains: “To be an Anglican is to be on a journey of faith to God supported by a fellowship of co-believers who are dedicated to finding Him by prayer and service”.



Daily Prayer

The Church of England, along with other churches in England and around the world, has a pattern of daily morning, evening and night prayer. Each day, and each time of day, uses different readings from the Bible, and different prayers.

These links provide the full words for morning, evening and night prayer for today and tomorrow.




Diocesan Prayer Calendar

Churches across the diocese regularly pray for churches, people and committees in the diocese, as well as churches and people around the world.

Click here.

Click here for prayer for local schools.

Click here to download a prayer card for vocations and people preparing to be ordained.


Anglican Cycle of Prayer

The Anglican Cycle of Prayer comes from the Anglican Communion Office. It offers a way of regularly praying for the various Anglican dioceses around the world, as well as a daily Bible reading and Psalm.

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