Talking and Listening to God


Prayer and spirituality

Click here for pages giving local resources for prayer, retreats, quiet days and spiritual direction.



Invitation to Prayer.

If you are struggling to know how to pray or what to say, you can find some ideas and prayers on topical themes here.


hands in prayer

Learn to pray.

In some ways, prayer is very easy: simply talk to God about the things around you, or going on inside you. But it is also useful to discover how others pray, and to be encouraged. Learn to Pray is based on advice in a book for children, but it makes a lot of sense at any age! Click here for practical suggestions and ideas to learn how to pray.


Post a Prayer

Light a candle – rejesus.

Lighting a candle has been a symbol of prayer for centuries. Light a candle is a web-based equivalent of what happens in many churches around the world. Light a candle on screen, and add your prayer. Others will then pray for your prayer request.


daily prayer

Daily visual prayer – rejesus.

The rejesus daily prayer has been written for anyone who has no experience of prayer, regular or otherwise. It is visual and interactive, and offers a different pattern of prayer for different times of day, and days of the month.


Special events

Prayers for special events, particularly events in the news. Click here for an external link to topical prayer resources on the Church of England website.


Daily Prayer

The Church of England, along with other churches in England and around the world, has a pattern of daily morning, evening and night prayer. Each day, and each time of day, uses different readings from the Bible, and different prayers.

These links provide the full words for morning, evening and night prayer for today and tomorrow.




Diocesan Prayer Calendar

Churches across the diocese regularly pray for churches, people and committees in the diocese, as well as churches and people around the world.

Click here.

Click here for prayer for local schools.

Click here to download a prayer card for vocations and people preparing to be ordained.


Anglican Cycle of Prayer

The Anglican Cycle of Prayer comes from the Anglican Communion Office. It offers a way of regularly praying for the various Anglican dioceses around the world, as well as a daily Bible reading and Psalm.

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