Useful information, guidelines and help with a range of church and people issues. This area is being continually revised and updated.

Annual meetings (resources)

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Clergy Discipline Measure

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Clergy (and others) - finance and employment

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Clergy - Common Tenure

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Clergy - general, holidays and housing

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Clergy - vocations, training, CME and REVIEW

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Church administration

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Church buildings, maintenance and regulations

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Churchyard, maintenance and regulations

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Church - fire safety

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Church - health and safety

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Church - health and safety (asbestos)

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Church - health and safety (personal safety)

  • Personal safety - advice and positive practical guidance (external link)
  • Personal safety - advice for clergy, churches and others from National Churchwatch (external Link)
  • Personal safety - clergy safety - advice from the Diocese of London (external link)

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Church - security

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Marriage and weddings

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Rural Deans

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Safeguarding: child protection and vulnerable adults

More information and resources about the protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults is available on the Safeguarding: child protection and vulnerable adults page.

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Vacancies - guidance for parishes

Wakefield Diocese produces various resources to help guide parishes through a vacancy or interregnum (when their priest leaves). This information is normally given to Parochial Church Councils at a special meeting (usually) with the Archdeacon before the outgoing priest leaves. That meeting helps explain what is involved, and what will happen next. These papers are a support and reminder.

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Bishops Certificate in Pastoral Ministry

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Care of Clergy

Children And Youth

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