Transforming Lives 2009

Transforming Lives in Wakefield Diocese 2009


Helping churches connect faith and daily life


Transforming Lives was an initiative spread over two years in 2008 and 2009 to help churches connect faith and daily life.
The 2009 materials included a Lent Course and course and autumn course.


Lent 2009 Study Materials

Lent 2009 - all content
Lent 2009 - daily Bible notes

Lent 2009 - weekly study notes

Lent 2009 - Aspects of worship - resource for week 1 study
Lent 2009 - River of spiritual life - resource for week 3 study

Lent 2009 - Your church and spiritual growth - resource for week 3 study

Lent 2009 - Communities, who are we - resource for week 5 study


Lent 2009 Worship Materials

Lent 2009 - Worship resources (pdf)
Lent 2009 - Worship resources
(Word doc)
Lent 2009 - daily prayer in Lent


Stewardship and Discipleship Study Notes - Autumn 2009

Study Notes - Autumn 2009
Leaders' Notes - Autumn 2009


Children and Youth Materials on Worship; Pastoral Care; Prayer and Spirituality; Evangelism and Community Involvement.


Transformational Plans for Parishes - Year 1

Transformational Plans - Report Form 1
Transformational Plans - Report Form 2
Transformational Plans - Report Form 2 - sample

Transformational Planning - Preparing the Plan - June 2009
Transformational Planning - Action Notes for PCC's and groups - June 2009
Ideas and suggestions for Transformational Plans - June 2009

Preparing a Transformational Plan for your Parish (A5 version) (A4 version) (A4 Word doc version)
Transformational Plan - SWOT Report Sheet (pdf) (Word doc)

Transformational Plan - Summary Sheet
Transforming Lives prayer card – side 1, side 2


Transformational Plans for Parishes - Year 2

Transformational Planning Year 2 - covering letter

Parish Review and Planning (pdf) (Word doc)
These questions were part of the 2010 Archdeacons Articles of Inquiry.

Action Planning Sheet Blank (pdf) (Word doc)
Action Planning Sheet example.

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