All Creatures Great and Small

The Sunday morning service at Scholes Church last week saw some unusual visitors among the normal congregation. The churches of Hartshead, Hightown, Roberttown and Scholes joined together for their first Animal Service.

Animal Service at Scholes

'Several people brought their dogs, there was a very brave cat, two horses and two chickens – one of which was called Wendy!' said vicar, Revd Richard Burge.

Rain prevented the service being held in the open air, but all the smaller animals were very well behaved inside the church. 'I wasn’t sure if the dogs might join in with the singing' said Revd Burge, 'but they seemed to enjoy the service.'

The service ended with everyone gathering at the church door for the blessing of the animals.

'We asked for God’s blessing on all the animals in our communities. There are lots of pets, but also plenty of livestock. It is a difficult time for our farmers and we need to remember and pray for them and for the animals they care for.'

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