And the bells rang out for… the Olympics

Spen Valley children welcomed the start of the Olympic Games on Friday by ringing bells and tambourines at St Paul's Birkenshaw.

Ringing in the Olympics

Children joined adults in an earlier, shortened form of Morning Prayer and then together rang bells, tambourines and whatever else was to hand to cheer on Team GB.

Six children took it in turns to ring St Paul’s Church bell in Birkenshaw for 3 minutes as part of artist and musician's Martin Creed art piece called: ‘All The Bells’.

All across the nation, church bells, ship bells, pub bells, door bells, mobile phone bells and bicycle bells rang out from 8.12 - 8.15am. Local parishioner Jean Tallis rang her own bell from home in Birkenshaw.

In London, Big Ben chimed for 3 minutes. The last time it broke from its routine was in 1952, when it tolled out the death of King George V1.

The photo shows Amaris Hargreaves ringing the church bell at St Paul’s Church Birkenshaw.

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