Bishop of Wakefield speaks on behalf of cathedrals in the Lords

The Bishop of Wakefield, the Rt Rev Stephen Platten spoke in defence of the funding of Cathedrals in the House of Lords last week.

In his speech, Bishop Platten  told the story of the death of Diana which happened while he was Dean of Norwich and like most churches and cathedrals at that time, it had opened its doors to deal with that extraordinary outflow of emotion at the death of the Princess of Wales.

“We opened our doors in Norwich from dawn until dusk, and I saw one woman enter the building, light a candle and pray for 10 minutes. On her way out of the cathedral she thanked me for making the great church available and said, "I am not religious or anything, but I had to come". I reckon that 10 minutes of prayer and a lighted candle feels a pretty religious thing to do.

“Whatever she thought she was doing, such an act and expression of commitment is but one of so many reasons why we must work even harder not only to preserve our cathedrals but to make their ministry and service to a whole community more effective than ever

“I, too, look forward to a great statement of confidence in the Government supporting our cathedrals and I hope that they might think carefully about that £50 million.

Click here to read the speech in full.

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