Fair and Square

A campaign by the Children's Society to ensure that all children in need of a free school meal receive one.

In England, 1.2 million school children in poverty do not get free school meals. 700,000 of them – often from poor, working families – aren’t even entitled to this key support.
The remaining 500,000 are put off claiming both by systems that clearly single out those receiving free meals, which can lead to teasing and bullying, and by the poor quality of some of the food on offer. This is simply unfair.

With the introduction of the new benefit system, Universal Credit, in October 2013, the government has a
once in a generation opportunity to make sure that all children in poverty can get these meals.
As the Children's Society Report on this issue explains, giving children in poverty a free school meal makes sense on every level. They can help children stay
healthy and learn. And they can help families escape the
poverty trap faced by parents trying to move into employment by making sure that work always ‘pays’.

The Fair and Square campaign wants every one of the hundreds of thousands of children living on or below the poverty line to be able to get a free and nutritious meal every day.

Read more about this issue.

Download a copy of the Children's Society's Report - Fair and Square: Free school meals for all children in poverty.

Sign a Petition to support this issue.


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