Whitechapel Church’s Mbwana appointed Head Boy

An African boy sponsored by Whitechapel Church, Cleckheaton has been appointed head boy of the Kenya Assembly of God, (K.A.G) school, near Mombasa, on the Kenyan coast of Africa.

Mbwana Kassim

Whitechapel began sponsoring Mbwana Kassim five years ago via the Emley African Education Project www.emleyafricanschools.co.uk and have supported him during his junior schooling which is run by a local Pentecostal church. The school, however, is non denominational and 80 percent of pupils are Muslims reflecting the population of the area. Mbwana, aged 14, will soon be moving on to secondary education.

KAG Headmaster, Harrison Kamere, recently said “Our school continues to be a source of light to the people of our small town Msambweni and to the entire nation through provision of quality education to the young generation. We have a total of 72 pupils who are under sponsorship and I cannot fail to recognize the effort of our supporters, namely Emley African Educational Project”

The project has helped to provide the building of a modern community library (not quite finished yet, it still needs a roof) which will assist in reaching the under privileged though eradication of illiteracy and give pupils the opportunity to be IT literate.

Project leaders Dr James and Mrs Rosemary Donnan said “Over the past 12 years we have seen a huge improvement in the educational standards of children in the area; the children and parents value education highly and the school is performing best in the area both educational and culturally. It represented the area recently in a music and art competition at National level”.

Rosemary added that she is willing to give presentations and talks to groups and that next year they hope to branch out into work with orphans as there are so many abandoned children in the area.
Vicar of Cleckheaton Revd Brunel James said “It is a real joy to hear of Mbwana's success. Here in Britain we take so much for granted - especially access to education. I hope that thinking about how he has succeeded "against the odds" will inspire our children to appreciate the opportunities they are given”.

Emley African Education Project www.emleyafricanschools.co.uk

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