Bishops Certificate in Pastoral Ministry - Support and training for pastoral ministry.

Care of Clergy - Counselling and support for all employed by the Diocese (lay or ordained).

Continuing Ministerial Education (CME) - Equipping and supporting clergy in their continuing personal and professional formation.

Development and Support - Supporting parish and community mission projects.

Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches (DAC) - Advice and permissions for church and churchyard alterations.

Disability and access - Support and advice for churches as well as empowering the involvement in church life of people with disabilities.

Ecumenical - Wakefield Diocese works in close partnership with a variety of Christian denominations across West and South Yorkshire.

Environment - Caring for the environment: Support and resources for churches and Christians.

Fairtrade - Fairtrade issues, support and resources.

Faiths - The Diocese has good relations with other faith communities through local inter-faith groups.

Giving - Resources to help Parish Giving Officers, and to encourage giving and stewardship.

Hospices - Chaplaincy and spiritual care in the hospice.

Hospital Chaplaincy - Patients welcome and value visits from their home clergy, and hospitals recognise the importance of this in their spiritual care.

Learning And Training - Learning and Training for the journey of discipleship.

Legal Notices - Certain notices, previously published in newspapers, are now published on the website following a direction by the Registrar or Chancellor. The website notice gives a description of the works and a date by which any objection must reach the Registrar.

Ministry among deaf people - Support, worship, fellowship and mission among deaf people in Wakefield Diocese.

Ministry of Healing - The healing ministry in Wakefield Diocese is practised and promoted in various ways.

Mission - Support and resources to help churches and Christians share the good news of Jesus.

Ordained Local Ministry - An ordained ministry with a distinctive focus on a local community.

Parish MOT - Resources to help parishes plan for mission.

Parish Spotlights - A range of information about parishes – their congregations and communities – brought together by the Church of England Research and Statistics Department.

Patronage - The Diocesan Board of Patronage has a number of livings in the diocese in its gift, and is responsible for nominating a priest to the Bishop when a vacancy arises.

Prayer and Spirituality - The aim of the Prayer and Spirituality Group is to encourage all in the Diocese in the development and growth of their spiritual life.

Property - Property and glebe management, including vicarages and rectories.

Racial Justice - Information and advise on racial issues.

Readers - Information about Lay Reader ministry.

Records Office - The Wakefield office of the West Yorkshire Archive Service acts as the Appointed Diocesan Record Office.

Resource Centres - In Wakefield and in Mirfield, making available to churches that are part of Wakefield Diocese a wide range of books, ideas, visual aids and practical help.

Retired clergy - Support and resources for retired clergy and widows/widowers in Wakefield Diocese.

Rural - Resources, encouragement and advice to all who work, live, worship and visit rural areas.

Safeguarding - Advice on creating a safer church.

Social Responsibility - Support and advice for issues of social responsibility and social justice.

Theology and Society - The Bishop's Advisory Group on Theology & Society think theologically about issues in society and attempt to advise parishes and Bishop's staff as appropriate.

Tourism - Churches and tourism across Wakefield Diocese.

Vocation - Responding to God’s calling.

Wakefield Ministry Consultancy - Offering Advice, resources and suport to help parishes develop in ministry and mission.

Worship and Liturgy - Diocesan worship and liturgy group

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Bishops Certificate in Pastoral Ministry

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Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches (DAC)

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Hospital Chaplaincy

Learning And Training

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Ministry among deaf people

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Ministry of Healing


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