Bishop’s Development Fund

The Bishop’s Development Fund is a charity to help Anglican churches within the Diocese of Wakefield develop new initiatives.

The aim of the Fund is to support locally based projects where mission not maintenance is the keynote of Church life.

Established as a charity in 1988 (charity number 700588) the Fund supports mission within the diocese, and specifically encourages:

  • Congregation Growth
    Projects which provide new facilities – or initiatives – to encourage more people to attend and support church.
  • Attracting Young People
    New initiatives – or facilities – to attract and retain young people.
  • Community Outreach
    New projects which bring benefits to the wider local community. Helping and working with local people.

The Trustees would look favourably on applications for:

  • Help with the funding of gap year / pastoral assistants / students under 25.
  • 'Fresh expressions' initiatives that encourage the formation of new Christian communities and groups.
  • Projects which encourage working together across parish boundaries.
  • Environmental and 'green' community initiatives.

The Trustees feel that they are unable to support applications for:

  • Salaries of paid staff (although sessional staffing costs may be considered).
  • The purchase of IT equipment for normal patterns of worship.
  • Building work to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act.

The Trustees wish to make it clear that churches with significant income who do not pay their contribution to the Common Fund are unlikely to receive a grant.

Grants will normally be up to £5000 although this level of funding will only be awarded in exceptional circumstances and awards tend to much lower than this.


Please note:

The Bishop's Development Fund is currently closed to new applications.
The Trustees will be publishing their new grant criteria later in 2014, so please keep checking for updates.




Rt Revd Tony Robinson

Rt Revd Tony Robinson
Pontefract House, 181a Manygates Lane
Sandal, Wakefield WF2 7DR
01924 250781


Development Officer

Susan Parker

Susan Rundle
Church House, 1 South Parade 
Wakefield WF1 1LP
01924 371802


Downloadable resources:

Leaflet about the Bishop's Development Fund.

In the first instance parishes should seek guidance from Susan Rundle (01924 371802) about their proposed application before filling in an application form.

While the Bishop’s Development Fund is still encouraging applications, the available funding is limited so the trustees will be giving priority to those projects which have already obtained funding from elsewhere, either from within the parish or from other funders and from those projects which best express the mission of that parish.

The Diocese of Wakefield has taken out a subscription to GRANTnet, an interactive datatbase of thousands of possible funding sources, which will enable parishes and other local church related organisations to search a huge range of funding sources free of charge. Click here for the GRANTnet page.


Contact Susan Rundle for advice and information about general grants (in addition to BDF). 
Useful websites for parishes seeking grants, funding or support:


Awards for all - 0845 6002040
Big Lottery Fund - 0845 410 2030
Heritage Lottery Fund - 0113 388 8030


Charities and trusts
Church Urban Fund - 020 7898 1647
Coalfields Regeneration Trust - 0800 0648560
Community Foundation for Calderdale - 01422 438738 
Esmée Fairbairn Foundation - 020 7812 3700
Garfield Weston Foundation
Lloyds TSB Foundation for England and Wales - 0190 462 7251
Tudor Trust - 0207 727 8522


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