Continuing Ministerial Education (CME)

Support for all clergy in their continuing education and formation.

The fundamental purpose of Continuing Ministerial Education is to equip and develop the Church’s ministers in order that they may stimulate and enable the whole Church to participate more fully in the mission of God in the world. (Mind the Gap: Integrated Continuing Ministerial Education for the Church’s Ministers. Archbishops’ Council 2001)

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Ongoing learning

The Diocese of Wakefield places high importance on all clergy continually reflecting and learning throughout their ministry, and recognises that CME is one of the places in which theological reflection may be structurally encouraged, and where that reflection can lead to new shared insights and practice.

A key task of the clergy CME Officer, in partnership with other training officers, is to offer stimuli and opportunities to the clergy, both corporately and individually, so that they may continue their professional formation and enhance their competence. Wherever possible CME is organised collaboratively, integrating the education and training of both lay and ordained.

The Diocese recognises that CME is a shared responsibility, and all clergy are encouraged to plan their own continuing ministerial education and formation, as part of a process of Ministerial Development Review, and in consultation with the CME Officer or other consultants. Specific development objectives will be identified at a bi-annual Peer Development Review, and these will be reported to the CME Officer.


CME grants

CME grants are provided for all licensed clergy in the Diocese. The level of grant is £240 for In-Service Training (1% of an incumbent’s stipend). Individual CME grants may accumulate only to a maximum of three years.
Travelling expenses for a course may be claimed, but should not normally exceed the cost of the course being attended. 
The grant may be used to buy books when they are an essential requirement of participation in a course. Other books of a theological or theology of ministry nature may be purchased using the grant, after discussion with the CME Officer.

CME grants should not be used to fund an annual Retreat. Separate grants are made for Retreats, using the “Retreat grant request” form (editable). Current provision is an allowance of up to £250 per calendar year. Retreat grants do not accumulate.



Sabbaticals of up to three months, not including holiday, are approved by Bishop’s Staff in consultation with the CME Officer. Currently the provision is £1000, plus accumulated CME grant. (Download sabbatical guidance notes here).



Revd Stephen Kelly

The CME Officer is Revd Canon Stephen Kelly
The Vicarage
Church Street

01226 382550 -


Downloads and courses

CME - clergy in-service training grant request (editable doc)
CME - clergy in-service training grant request
CME - clergy retreat grant request (editable doc)
CME - clergy retreat grant request
Clergy sabbaticals - guidance notes

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