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Water for Life Schools Appeal Pack - Tanzania

A Taste of Tanzania

BRAC Goat Project

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Seasons and Colours: the Church's Liturgical Calendar

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Water for Life Appeal Pack - Tanzania

Information for the Water for Life (Schools) Appeal can be found in the following documents.
For further information please contact Gill Johnson at

Pack input



Poster for schools

3 projects spreadsheet (Word doc)

Alternative gifts catalogue

Schools certificate (Word doc)

Water for Life small gift certificate

Water for Life thank you card

Water for Life thank you donation certificate (Word doc)



Resources from joint Diocesan/Calderdale/Kirklees SACRE Conference March 2013

Thanks to Ruth Wills and Lat Blaylock for allowing us to put these resources on the website.

Children's Spirituality by Ruth Wills

Reflection, Inspiration, Engagement, Spiritual Development through RE by Lay Blaylock

How to show that you care by Lat Blaylock

Questions for God by Lat Blaylock


BRAC Goat Project

Buhemba Rural Agricultural Community Goat Project:

Information Pack


Seasons and Colours: The Church Calendar

1. The Church's Liturgical Calendar
2. The symbolism of liturgical colours


A Taste of Tanzania

Taste of Tanzania Big Book - extra copies available for £10.
All proceeds to Wakefield Diocese's work in Tanzania.
Download an order form with more information.


Tanzania Big Book

Tanzania Big Book pdf



Front cover (pdf) 
Contents (Word doc)
The region of Mara in Tanzania (Word doc 5.9MB)
Tanzania Fact File (Word doc)
True of False game (Word doc) 
Flag of Tanzania (Word doc) 
Weather in Tanzania (Word doc) 
Supermarket Sweep (Word doc) 
Language - Hey I can speak Swahili (Word doc) 
Compare the kitchen (Word doc) 
Born to shop (Word doc) 
What are values? (Word doc) 
Hare and the Great Drought (scanned story - pdf)
Hare and the Great Drought - script and foot notes (Word doc)
Art and Drama (Word doc) 
Masks 1 and Masks 2 (Word docs) 
Resources List (Word doc) 

Catalogue of photographs - Agriculture and Farming (Word doc)

Click here for Agriculture and Farming images

Catalogue of photographs - Buildings (Word doc)

Click here for images of Buildings

Catalogue of photographs - Landscape (Word doc)

Click here for Landscapes

Catalogue of photographs - People and Culture (Word doc)

Click here for images of People and Culture

Catalogue of photographs - Schools (Word doc)

Click here for images of Schools

Catalogue of photographs - Wildlife (Word doc)

Click here for Wildlife images



Harvest Resources

Harvest Service - Christ Church, Sowerby Bridge (Word doc)

Harvest Festival - St John, Horbury (Word doc)


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