Resources to help Parish Giving Officers, and to encourage giving and stewardship.

Christian Stewardship is an integral part of our journey in discipleship. What we do with our time, talents and treasure is not only about how much we put in a collection plate or envelope every week, it is about all of the decisions we make – how we spend our time, what we do with our money and how we choose to view our possessions.

These can be challenging issues for many people, especially in times of economic uncertainty, but as a Church Community it is part of our collective responsibility to apply our faith in all aspects of our lives.

Churches in the Wakefield Diocese can get advice on how to approach these important issues from the Giving and Resources Adviser, Jo Beacroft-Mitchell. 

The Adviser’s support for churches is resourced through Common Fund and covers everything from how to develop a vision and ‘case for support’, to creative ways to help communicate and thank those who already give, to materials to support individuals and groups who want to reflect on their discipleship and how this influences their giving. 

These pages provide web-based support and will develop over the coming months.

For further advice contact Jo Beacroft-Mitchell (, Giving and Resources Adviser, 1 South Parade, Wakefield WF1 1LP, 01924 371802. 


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Gift Aid and Transitional Relief 2011 Scheme Changes

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Parish Giving Network

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News and Events


Parish Buying logo

Parish Buying

The Church of England has launched a Parish Buying Service, to enable parishes to benefit from group purchasing power. The service offers a range of competitively priced national contracts from approved suppliers covering a wide range of spend areas including electricity, gas, heating oil, photocopiers, stationery, IT software and fire safety.

Download a poster or download a leaflet with more details. Go to parish buying web address to find out more or contact Jo Beacroft-Mitchell.


Gift Aid and Transitional Relief 2011 Scheme Changes

On 5 April 2011 Transitional Relief on Gift Aid comes to an end. 
The National Stewardship Committee of the Church of England have issued the following guidance for parishes on what they need to do to claim before and after the end of transitional relief: Gift Aid Guide 1 - End of Transitional Relief 
The gift aid section of the National Stewardship Committee website has also been updated with current Gift Aid guidance.


Planning a Campaign?

A helping hand or a fresh pair of eyes? Whether you are planning a full stewardship campaign over several weeks, or planning a one off Gift Day, Jo is available to offer advice and support tailored to your particular needs.

Don’t need support? There are lots of resources on this site to inspire you, however even if you want to run your own campaign, please let Jo know so that she can share your news with other parishes and request prayer to support your efforts.

Finished a campaign? don’t forget to let Jo know how it went so she can celebrate your success across the Diocese.

Giving in Grace - Wakefield Diocese is pleased to endorse this fully resourced Stewardship Programme. The programme is developed and maintained by Liverpool Diocese and contains all the materials necessary to plan, research and implement a lay led Giving Campaign in your parish. An overview and introduction is available through Jo who would be happy to support you through the programme or to speak to your parish about implementing it.

Giving Money

Wakefield Diocese leaflet

The Diocese has produced this attractive booklet to help promote giving in your parish. Copies of the booklet and accompanyingstanding order form are available from Church House. Please contact Jo to place your order.


Gift Aid

Getting the most out of Gift Aid, Ian Gledhill - June2010 (pdf 3MB) - helpful guidance direct from the Head of HM Revenue and Customs, Mr Ian Gledhill.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid it - This booklet is available from Data Developments.
01902 824044

Gift Aid advice from Parish Resources

Notes on Transitional Gift Aid Relief


Parish Giving Network

Our growing Network of Parish Giving Officers provide voluntary support to over 60% of our parishes and exist to encourage and inspire Generosity in all our parishes. They receive regular updates on issues relevant to giving in our churches as well as two specialised training events a year and regular opportunities to share ideas with others in the Network.

This booklet explains the role of Parish Giving Officer, for further information on signing up to the Network contact Jo.


Parish Funding News

Parish Funding News 6 - December 2011
Parish Funding News 5
- October 2011
Parish Funding News 4
- July 2011
Parish Funding News 3
- March 2011
Parish Funding News 2
 - January 2011 
Parish Funding News 1 - September 2010 


Resources from around the Diocese

The strength of the Parish Giving Network is in sharing the ideas and inspiration of other parishes. Here are some resources produced by our parishes for you to adapt to your own needs.

Clive Green, PGO at Honley with Brockholes, includes a monthly ‘Parish Giving Corner’ in the parish magazine – here are some of his recent articles for you to make use of.

Peter Clapham of St Giles Pontefract gave this moving presentation to his congregation at Advent last year and we are grateful to him for offering it as inspiration to others.


Common Fund

Revised Common Fund Assessment explained - March 2012

This section contains materials and information to help you understand and explain the Common Fund to your congregation.

Why do we have a Common Fund ?
The purpose of the Common Fund is to supply the resources for ministry in all parishes across the Diocese.

The Church of England is not a corporation like a bank, with Diocese acting as regional offices and Parishes as its ‘branches’. We are a family of churches, and like a family we rely on each other for mutual support. The Common Fund allows us to redistribute the resources in our churches so that The Church can reach every community regardless of means.

Through the Church Commissioners, wealthier dioceses help the poorer dioceses, and each year Wakefield, as a poorer Diocese, receives a grant which helps to support the costs of paying clergy.

In the same way, the Common Fund takes into account differences between parishes. Parishes with more resources give more to the Common Fund to enable ministry to be possible in areas that would otherwise not be able to provide it for themselves.

All of the Common Fund received in Wakefield goes towards paying ministry costs and providing support for Parishes.

Common Fund is therefore a mission payment and not a tax that solely pays for ministry in the parish paying it.

A breakdown of the Diocesan Budget 2010, explaining how the Common Fund contributes to the costs of mission in Wakefield is available here.


Going Deeper

Materials for personal or group study and reflection on Christian Generosity.

Weddings Project logo

The Money Revolution - a short book for church members on Christian principles for handling money. The website has some free downloads. Copies of this very useful book written by National Stewardship Officer for the Church of England; John Preston, is available to order via Jo at Church House.

Parish Giving Officers can order the book at a special preferential rate of 75p per copy, and other parishes can order copies at a cost of £1.

Giving for Life

Giving for Life is Church of England initiative, backed by General Synod in July 2009. While their leadership is important, action at parish level is even more important.
There are many resources and downloads from Giving for Life, including:
An overview for Clergy
Guides for PCC's - Click here for black and white and large print versions, and more detail.
Individual leaflet to accompany talk. Talk outline (Word doc).


Resources from Training Events

Presentations from the Saving Money for Mission Day in May 2012:
20 ways to save your parish money
- May 2012
Understanding diocesan finances
- May 2012

Revised Common Fund Assessment explained - March 2012

Funding for the Future - Saturday 19 November 2011
The National Picture (pdf, 2.74MB) – John Preston's informative presentation about support and information available at a national level.
Christian Aid
(pdf) – A presentation to inspire you with different ways of thinking and talking about legacies.



Funding the Future – Monday 6 June 2011
National Legacies campaign (ppt) – An introduction to the new National Campaign and the support materials available for Wakefield parishes.

Resources for Mission training day - 13 November 2010
Big Picture presentation
 (ppt) Facts and figures on Diocesan Finance - 13 November 2010.
 (pdf) Presentation from Church Energy Workshop. 
Energy Monitoring Toolkit (xls) Spreadsheet to help your church manage energy costs better.
A guide to understanding utility bills
 (pdf) A useful guide for your PCC.
Mission development presentation
 (pdf) Developing mission plans.
Getting the Message across
 (ppt) Developing communication tools in your church. 
Developing Key Messages (doc) Handouts.
Conspiracy of Freedom
 Short film available from this link or request a copy from Jo.
 - toy for generating word clouds.

Encouraging a Parish in Giving: Wakefield Diocese - Power Point Presentation
Encouraging a Parish in Giving: A training module for Parish Giving Officers
Presentation at Parish Giving Officer Taster evening - May 2009 (Ashley Ellis)
Parish Giving Officers - roles and responsibilities (Taster Evening paper)
Stewardship and Discipleship Study Notes - 2009 (pdf 1.8MB)
Stewardship and Discipleship Study Notes - 2009 (Word Doc 2.2MB) 
Stewardship and Discipleship Leaders' Notes - 2009 (pdf 196kb)
Stewardship and Discipleship Leaders' Notes - 2009 (Word Doc 201kb)


Useful Links

Giving in Grace - Wakefield Diocese is pleased to endorse this fully resourced Stewardship Programme. The programme is developed and maintained by Liverpool Diocese and contains all the materials necessary to plan, research and implement a lay led Giving Campaign in your parish. An overview and introduction is available through Jo who would be happy to support you through the programme or to speak to your parish about implementing it.

Guildford Diocese - Stewardship and Funding

Parish Resources - resources from the Church of England’s stewardship network and other Christian churches, aiming to help local church leaders, treasurers and fundraisers.

Parish Spotlights - information abut the congregation and community of each parish.

Giving for Life - encouraging generosity in your parish.

The Money Revolution - a short book for church members on Christian principles for handling money. The website has some free downloads.

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