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Since 2008, Transformational Plans have encouraged the majority of parishes in Huddersfiled and Wakefield to review their mission and to make plans for their future.  Recognising that our plans need resources to flourish; Our MOT has been developed by a team working across Mission, Stewardship and Development, to provide training and resources to enable parishes to assess and reflect on their achievements, and to find resources and support for their future needs.

Taking an holistic approach, the toolkit brings together aspects of Transformational and Mission Planning, Parish and Community Development, and links them with support for Financial Management, Developing People, and Encouraging Good Stewardship as a means to support the mission of each parish.  Divided into ten clear sections;  the toolkit provides parishes with a flexible package of resources, allowing parishes to pick and choose and tailor to their individual needs.

Further information on each of the ten areas, and resources to support them can be found below.


PDF's of the MOT Toolkit and the Resource Handbook can be found here:

Our MOT Resources Toolkit

Our MOT Resources Handbook

To help you launch the MOT in your parish you might find the following documents helpful:

Our MOT PowerPoint Presentation (pptx)

Our MOT Opening Liturgy (pdf) Our MOT Opening Liturgy (Word docx)


To help you root the MOT in prayer and teaching, a booklet containing prayers and readings which have been designed to accompany the MOT can be found here:

Our MOT Prayers and Readings (pdf)



Parish MOT logo - Vision

Our Vision

We have a parish vision and clear priorities.


Parish MOT logo - Community

Our Community

Our vision encompasses both our church community and our place in the wider community.


Parish MOT logo - Resources

Our Resources

Our plans and vision determine our budget and the PCC understands its leadership role in resourcing our vision.


Parish MOT logo - Prayers

Our Prayers

We regularly pray for financial and practical support to bring our vision to life.


Parish MOT logo - Understanding

Our Understanding

We teach and preach about how our time, talents and giving reflect our deepening faith.


Parish MOT logo - Giving

Our Giving

We encourage our people to plan and review their giving annually.


Parish MOT logo - Gratitude

Our Gratitude

We thank our donors and communicate our vision with them.


Parish MOT logo - Generosity

Our Generosity

We commit at least 10% of our unrestricted income to mission and outward giving.


Parish MOT logo - Gifts

Our Gifts

We encourage everyone to discern and develop their gifts in the service of God.


Parish MOT logo - Service

Our Service

Our service to God includes our contribution to the wider church and the outworking of our gifts in God's Kingdom.



Our Vision

Transformational Planning tools can be found on the Mission pages.

For help and support with any aspect of Transformational Planning please contact Tony Macpherson.


Our Community

Livability, Faithworks and Church Urban Fund all provide handy guides and information on community consultation for churches. Parish Spotlights provide information about some aspects of your parish.

For advice, help and support with all aspects of developing your community programmes contact Susan Rundle.


Our Resources

Answers to frequently asked question about how the Church of England is funded, together with an explanation of our Common Fund system in Wakefield is available through the Wakefield Office or can be downloaded from the Giving page.

Parish Resources has information from the absolute basics to managing complicated or restricted trusts and funds.

Parish Buying can help with ways to save Parishes money on running costs thereby freeing up income for mission.


Our Prayers

There are a wide range of prayer materials relating to the issue of Stewardship but we recommend the following as an excellent starting point:

Giving in Grace from Liverpool Diocese.

Parish Resources in particular the sections on preaching and worship / enhancing the offertory.


Our Understanding

Parish Resources.

Money Revolution – Christian principles for handling money. A booklet to accompany this excellent site is available for a reduced price of 75p per copy direct from Jo at Church House. 

Giving in Grace.

Stewardship supports individuals in managing their giving and is an excellent source of teaching and preaching materials.


Our Giving

Organising a stewardship campaign takes planning and the first step will probably be to review current giving levels and recent stewardship activity.  For advice and support and to arrange a meeting contact Jo Beacroft-Mitchell

If you do not want to plan a full campaign we suggest the following sites as a good starting point to give you an idea of what to think about in refreshing your existing approach:

Giving in Grace.

Parish Resources.


Our Gratitude

A simple first step for every parish is to introduce an annual thank you letter for all regular givers. Sample thank you letters and examples from parishes around our Diocese are available from the Giving page

Further examples can be found on the Parish Resources and Giving in Grace websites.


Our Generosity

If your parish wants to take a more planned approach to what it supports and how, Susan Rundle is happy to offer advice on thinking about the most effective way for Parishes to build supportive relationships with other good causes.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • The Bishop’s Development Fund supports mission and outreach work in parishes throughout the diocese and welcomes contributions to further its work.
  • Mara links are a great way to build long lasting relationships and offer support to our link Diocese in Tanzania.
  • Church Urban Fund supports community projects in the most deprived communities along with providing information and resources.
  • Stewardship enables giving directly to individuals to enable community mission see.


Our Gifts

A wide range of resources are available from church house to encourage your congregation to consider their individual calling. Go to the Ministry and Vocation pages.

There are also examples and templates of attractive brochures and materials to encourage volunteering in parishes on the Giving pages.


Our Service

Link people to volunteering opportunities through Do it.

Ideas and inspiration for serving your community can be found through Livability or the Church Urban Fund including ideas for ready to go projects.






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Bishop’s Development Fund

Curriculum Resources

Development and Support



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